Meet the UNCORKED Team

Aaron Paul
Owner/Shuttle Bus Ambassador

Hello, I’m Aaron. I’m excited to become a member of the Davidson County community.  We have recently decided to move from the hustle and bustle of Austin, Texas to Lexington, NC.  I developed a passion for wine by frequently visiting the Hill Country area of Texas, the fifth ranked area for wine making.  I’m a big red wine lover and enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.

I am former US Army and served in Iraq. My background is in logistics and finance with a passion for teaching.  

I’m looking forward to both learning about and assisting with the growth of the Lexington, and Davidson County business community.


Stacey McIntyre
Owner/Marketing Goddess

Hi, I’m Stacey. I am the co-owner of UNCORKED Touring Company.

I am excited to have recently moved to North Carolina from Austin, Texas where I learned about the wine tour industry and the good fortune of having local vineyards in your backyard.

My background is in marketing/ advertising as a designer so you know our buses will be “selfie-perfect.”

If you see me around town with Aaron, my sister Jodi, or my two dogs, be sure to stop and say hello. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Lexington community!

Jodi McIntyre
Operations Manager/Driver/
CEO of Good Times

Hello! I’m Jodi the manager of UNCORKED Touring Company. I will be starting my role as driver, manager, customer service in the fall of 2022.

I have lived in Wilmington, North Carolina for the past five years, currently making the move from beach to wine country.

I have owned and operated a successful pet care business for eighteen years and now excited to apply my service-based knowledge to UNCORKED.

I am so excited to become a part of the Lexington and Davidson County community and can’t wait to bring you on a tour!